January 9, 2012

new kid on the block

Mom's old Coach briefcase, Gap pants, WeWood watch, porcupine quill necklace, Francesca's Collection ring, H&M blazer, Target tank

Behold, my first outfit post for Order & Disorder!  This is a pretty typical outfit me: a lot of black and neutrals, a blazer, and interesting accessories.

The necklace is made of porcupine quills, the wood watch is from WeWood (bought off of Kembrel.com), and the leather briefcase was my mother's when she was just starting work after college. The legacy of educated ladies lives on!

School has started up again, and I'm really gung-ho about it, but the semester always looks so hopeful at the beginning, as this graph explains:

My classes seem really interesting this time around; I'm taking Artificial Organs which sounds AWESOME but something tells me that designing organs isn't easy.  Wish me luck...?

December 26, 2011


Source: the Tumblr universe

Every year its the same thing- I make resolutions, keep them for about 3 weeks, and then they blow away like dust.  And I end the year with the same regrets because I always break the same resolutions.  But this year, I'm going to focus damnit!  I'm gonna DO IT! 

1.) Get in shape.  I eat like a garbage disposal: I think my intestines have turned into a large Chipotle burrito and my blood is orange soda.  I need to start eating right and exercising not only to look good but to feel better mentally and emotionally.  

2.) Get a 4.0 this semester!  Okay, this is stretching it, but damnit I want straight A's.  Hell, a 3.3 even looks pretty damn good, but I really want to prove to myself that I am intelligent enough to get a perfect grade point average.  I'm going to be honest - I'm definitely shooting for the stars here, but at least I'll land in the clouds.  But I really do want the stars.

3.) Update this blog at least twice a week.  I have tried to blog countless times before, and they never got off the ground due to school sucking out my soul.  I want to do this not only because its fun, but as a stress reliever.  Maybe it will help manage my anxiety.

4.) Get organized with time.  I have the most unorganized mind ever.  This means that if I don't keep a day planner, my life turns into shit.  I was one of those kids who really needed structure - if I don't have some sort of daily routine to adhere to, I am completely lost.  I am going to schedule the SHIT out of my life.  I'm talking classes, study time, gym time, happy time, dinnertime, lunch time, grocery shopping, drinking on my couch, EVERYTHING.  It sounds crazy, but it's just crazy enough to work.


Thrifted Tommy Hilfiger dress

I'm going to try this blogging thing one last time. Hopefully school doesn't ruin the fun.

My name is Syd, and I'm a 4th year bioengineering student. Though I study engineering, I absolutely love to dress up. I'm also a little weird, crazy, and angry.

I want to use this blog to showcase my style from time to time, but also rant about life, future plans, and other shenanigans. Let's see how this works.